Monday, September 16, 2013

Open Visual Traceroute 1.4.0

Open Visual Trace Route version 1.4.0 released.

Download at

Release note :
* Allow to choose the network interface to use for trace route
* Optimize startup of traceroute 
* Dramatically improve DNS lookup performance 
* Add route length and distance between route points 
* Display Country flag in the table and in the map 
* Fix the overlay of labels on the map when several route points have the same coordinates 
* Redesign gantt chart view to make it easier to see points 
* Implement selection synchronization map<->table<->gantt chart 
* Change window layout 
* Change look and feel for windows os 
* Refactor code 
* Fix an issue when replaying a route with only one point 
* Fix Linux start script 
* Fix bug when saving the size of the window

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